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mix of calligrams
designed and typeset by Laura Ruggeri

(calligramme, calligramma)
= literature where the words are assembled in order to form an object.
Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) composed several calligrams which have remained famous.

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Calligrams Designers
Calligram Designers is a group of graphic designers, artists, illustrators and writers. Our mission is to promote calligrams as a powerful and creative visual communication technique that might enhance our personal and business work. In this blog you can view the best examples of calligrams from all over the world, from of any era.

Free Your Mind Instead, calligram (calligramme, calligramma) by Laura Ruggeri ©2002 The story behind the calligrams by Laura Ruggeri
My father was a typographer.
When I was 5, my father would take me on Saturdays to the Monotipia Ruggero Olivieri in Milan were he worked setting type. He would let me open the drawers with the lead fonts. Such strange unintelligible symbols! The letters and symbols of writing were so attractive to me. Soon I had my own drawer with very fancy fonts of all kinds and I watched carefully as my father built pages.
One day I was able to build my own page putting together all sorts of fonts: Bodoni, Bembo, Garamond, Times, big, small, and italic fonts. And one Saturday my fatherÕs coworkers gave me a wonderful surprise - they were going to print my page! What a gift!
They asked me
— What color do you like?
Yes! the blue of the sky with no doubt! I was the happiest little girl on Earth! I wasnÕt able to read yet and even if I held the page upside down the letter forms enchanted me and, seeing them in my favorite color, I wondered what story they would illustrate.
Since then I have felt a profound love for the printed page and soon books became my inseparable friends.
My father and his friends woke inside me the desire to learn the profession and the art of graphic design.
At 14 I decided to go to study Graphic Design in the best school of design in Milan taught by the old masters, the ones who transformed the typographers into graphic designers in the 1950s. For me it was my dream, my choice in life and I had been preparing for this study on my own since I was a little girl.


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mix of calligrams (calligramme, calligramma) by Laura Ruggeri ©
mix of calligrams (calligramme, calligramma) by Laura Ruggeri ©1995-2005


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