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Co-Create With Pantheon

We help companies build and launch products faster.

Design-driven solutions

Pantheon Design is an end-to-end engineering and product development consultancy. Our team takes a design-led and integrated, creative approach to bring your idea to life - delivering innovative technology and hardware solutions that accelerate time-to-market and drive real business outcomes.

“Pantheon was instrumental in helping us get from the idea stage to getting Health Canada authorization in 5 months. I believe a key component was Pantheon’s ability to turn projects around quickly. Their expertise in 3D printing, additive manufacturing and prototyping meant they could create iterative designs for us that we could get actual usability feedback on every week. Pantheon was a big reason why other engineering firms could not figure out how we got a medical device to market so quickly.”

— Corbin Lowe, CEO Ocalink Technologies

Our Capabilities

Additive Education

Learn the Fundamentals of designing for various additive processes and how to get that most out of inhouse and outsourced additive manufacturing

Product Design

Improving existing products or developing new designs, we provide an end-to-end  approach that includes research,  design, prototyping, and manufacturing support.

Prototype Development

Quickly validate ideas with a functional, interactive prototype. We use a mixture of 3D modelling, additive manufacturing, CNC, and machined parts to build, test and iterate.

Mechanical Engineering

Our expert engineering team finds creative solutions to technical challenges. Accelerate time-to-market, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Firmware Engineering

Develop new hardware and software quickly that supports your needs. Our firmware team have developed systems across common  protocols,  operating systems, and sensors.

Electrical Design

When it comes to electronics for IoT, industrial and mobility applications, our team can help you design, prototype, validate and manufacture devises and systems to suit your needs.

Our Toolbox

What were quite good at!

Product Design
Research & Development
Product Development
CAD Modelling
Rapid Prototyping

Additive Design
Computer Vision  
Intelligent Systems
Mechanical Design

Design for Manufacture
PCB Design
Embedded Firmware Development
Electrical System Design
Hardware Development


3D Print Farm, 20+ machines
CNC Milling
12x24 Lathe
Metal & Wood shop
SMT assembly and rework

Framework & Technologies

.NET Development
NVidia Jetson Devices
Embedded Linux
Bosch CtrlX

Software tools

Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Fusion360
Autodesk Maya

Who we work with





A4 Systems

Agricultural Technologies

Specialized Additive Technology Development

Additive Manufacturing

A4 Systems

Municipal Water System

Design, Prototyping

Water Management


Golf Water Facilities

Concept Development


Barber Prosthetics

Violin adapter

Product Design, 3D printing

Medical Technology Development


Search & Rescue UAV

Additive Technology, R&D


Cannsight Technologies

Impairment Screening Testing Station

Design, Prototyping

Medical Technology Development


Cannabis Processing Equipment

Product Development, R&D

Agricultural equipment

Damon Motors

Hypersport HS prototype

Automotive prototyping, Fabrication and Assembly

Automotive R&D

Honda Motors Canada

Honda Rebel Scrambler Kit

Product Development, Low volume manufacturing

Automotive R&D, Product development.

Ocalink Technologies

COVID-19 Emergency Ventilator

R&D, Technology development, Medical Certification

Medical Technology Development


3D Printed Metal Forming

Additive Technology, Prototyping