Carbon Fiber Co-Polyester (PETG)

$ 149.99 USD

  • Colour - Black
  • Filament Diameter - 1.75mm
  • Spool Size - 3kg
  • Bed Preparation - Magigoo PA or Pantheon PA
  • ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength X-Y - 49 mPa
  • ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength Z - 42 mPa
  • ASTM-D648 heat deflection - 75C
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Basic Kit
$7,999.99 USD
HS3 3D Printer
1 nozzle (installed)
1 Build tray
1 Refilable filament cartridge
Starter Kit
$8,499.99 USD
HS3 3D Printer
1 nozzle (installed) + 2 spares
1 Build tray + 1 spare
1 Refilable filament cartridge
1 spool CF Co-Poly filament 3Kg
1 Bed prep kit
1 Nozzle tool
We will begin delivery in Q3 2022

To ensure we can supply our customers efficiently, there is a limit of 10 units per customer. Contact us if you need more. We are currently limited to North American customers but we are working hard to secure distribution to other regions. We will be in touch via email 2-4 weeks from your shipment date to finalize payment of the remaining balance.