Pantheon HS3 Production Deposit Batch 2

US$ 500.00 USD

This is a deposit for the next production batch of Pantheon HS3 3D printers.

We will begin delivery in Q2 2022

  • We are currently limited to North American customers but are working hard to secure distribution to other regions.
  • The price of the printer will be between $6325 USD and $7900 depending on accessories and configurations, We will be in touch via email 6-8 weeks from your shipment date to finalize your configuration and arrange for payment of the remaining balance.
  • You will get a credit for a free build plate of sample part/parts up to 500 g, We want all of you to see the parts HS3 can create as soon as possible! Just pay shipping.

This deposit is fully refundable within 60 days unless you take us up on the free sample parts.

If you are not in North America and really want one of our printers please contact us and were more than happy to try and make accommodations.

If you are in Canada in the greater Vancouver area or greater Toronto area, we may be able to get you a pre production unit much sooner

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