Create MORE With Pantheon's High speed 3D printers

We build 3D printers that are 5 times faster than the competition.

Dean Eilertson

Prop master and Author

"Years ago building props using 3D printers was just a dream with so many different possibilities. The first generation of printers produced 3D objects that were too expensive, too fragile, too low res, void of detail and needed a lot of filling and hand finishing. Cut to Pantheon Design where 3D printing times are now five times faster, the printing mediums are strong and durable, the resolution is so fine, details and textures are a reality. Discovering Pantheon Design has been a game changer for me, you’ll see what I mean when my latest show 'The Adam Project' comes out this fall."

Adam Morand

President - A4 systems

"Pantheon 3D printing technology helped us cut production time on our parts from 1 week to 1 day"
[not actual quotes, bob mad this up as place holders]


Founder and CEO - Grin technologies

"We bought a Pantheon 3D printer because it could make jigs for our motor assembly line overnight. We looked at other 3d printers but it would take over 3 days to make the parts we needed, heck would rather go to my wood shop and make something out of osb than wait 3 days"
[not actual quotes, bob mad this up as place holders]

The most advanced FFF printer Ever.

Pantheon develops 3D printing systems that allow industrial grade flexible manufacturing at a speed never seen before. The pantheon HS3 printer offers cycle times up to 5X faster than the industry standard all while achieving beautiful surface finish and industry-leading tolerances.

We help companies build and launch products faster.

More than just 3D printers, Pantheon can work with your business to co-create your technologies and products with our additive manufacturing expertise. We have worked with a variety of technologies and industries ranging from medical devices to automotive to jumpstart ideas and innovation.

Film Industry Services

Pantheon's high speed 3D printing technology has found a home in the film industry, We have had the pleasure of working with many features in Vancouver as a full service Props and Special effects shop.

Our Clients