Pantheon’s HS3 Printer starts at $9,999 USD.

Pantheon 3D printed components layout.

Empowering You
To Manufacture

By providing access to industrial-grade 3D printers at
an affordable cost, we turn potential into tangible

Delivery in 4-8 weeks

Designed to thrive on your shop/production floor

We build tools for the shop floor, not the lab. That means, our printers can take a beating, you can even print while they're running in the back of a truck. It can deal with adverse climates like the heat or the cold (10°C - 30°C) and still output parts with .05mm/100mm accuracy.

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"The first generation of printers produced 3D objects that were too expensive, too fragile, too low res, void of detail, and needed a lot of filling and hand finishing. Cut to Pantheon Design, where 3D printing times are now five times faster. The printing mediums are strong and durable, the resolution is so fine, details and textures are a reality. Discovering Pantheon Design has been a game changer for me."

Dean Eilertson

Propmaster, The Adam Project (Netflix)

"Literally the best printer ever."

Kyle Tharratt


"The Pantheon Design HS3 high speed 3D printer is a marvel. It’s combination of print speed and quality are unmatched in my experience. While our pre-production unit didn’t have some convenience features, it clearly demonstrated an extremely powerful print core that will certainly be a force going forward."

Kerry Stevenson


"Over all the machine continues to be a delight to use :)"

Justin L-E


Pantheon Team member working in our warehouse.

Who We Are

Pantheon's Founding team has been working together for over ten years. They bring together experience from aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and film industries and more than three decades of combined experience in hardware development, manufacturing, and 3D printing.