Industrial Performance, Affordable Price

$9,999 USD

delivery in 4-8 weeks

3D printing so capable, it's a whole new tool

Never before has a 3D printer been so powerful. Combining high-strength parts and high throughput printing, the Pantheon HS3 will change how you use 3D printing; no longer is it relegated to the prototyping lab, but elevated to a production tool.

1kg/day of production quality parts

By production quality, we mean:
0.2mm layer & 0.4mm nozzle
±0.05mm/100mm accuracy
layer lines so accurate you can barely see them
nearly isotropic z strength

Carbon and Glass fiber composites that can replace metal parts

up to:
119 MPa tensile strength - ISO 527 [X-Y]
186°C heat deflection - ISO 75: Method B

We hate downtime, and so do you. You are free to fix and maintain your machine without impacting the warranty, And we will be there to supply any documentation or parts you need.

Pantheon 3D printed components layout.

Throughput Examples

Air Duct - 480g in 9hrs

Layer Height: 0.2mm
Nozzle Width: 0.4mm
Wall count: 4
Ceilings/Floors: 6
Infill: 30%
Supports: No

Pantheon 3D Printer air ducts.

Gauge Brackets (30 parts) - 854g in 28hrs

Layer Height: 0.2mm
Nozzle Width: 0.4mm
Wall count: 4
Ceilings/Floors: 6
Infill: 40%
Supports: Yes

Pantheon 3D printer brackets.

Metal Meets Its Match


Our machines mold thermoplastic composites with glass or carbon fiber, yielding materials stronger, more resilient, and versatile than ever before. Our unique printing approach ensures uniform strength and properties in all directions. It's not just a replacement—it's a leap forward in design, durability, and sustainability.

Pantheon's HS3 is designed exclusively for use with Pantheon's material library.

  • Carbon Fiber PETG
  • Carbon Fiber Nylon
  • Glass Fiber Nylon

Visit our knowledge base for more information on our materials

Pantheon currently offers a carbon fiber co-polyester blend that has great environmental and mechanical properties.
3d printer motion system.

Where Precision Meets Pace

Combining the accuracy of precision ball screws with the swift responsiveness of servo motors, all housed in a robust aluminum frame, we've engineered a solution where rapid production doesn't compromise detail

Key Features:

  • Teknic Clearpath servo motors on X+2Y
  • NEMA 23 + TMC 5160 on Z
  • CNC’d billet 6061 aluminum construction
  • Patent-pending floating frame system

Flawless First Layers


With a blend of modular design and intelligent onboard sensors, our print head is crafted for simplicity and perfection. And with our signature nozzle probing, every print begins with a promise—flawless from the first layer.

Key Features:

  • 500°C max temp - 100w heaters
  • Hot-swappable utilizing CANBUS interface
  • Patent Pending nozzle contact probing system
  • Incorporates Slice Engineering patent US10875244B2 under license
The Pantheon Design HS3 isn't just designed for daily use, it's designed for daily misuse.

Built To Be Serviced

Ease of Use FAQs

Are you able to heat the chamber to 60°C or higher?

The chamber can passively heat to 50°C; Our Materials do not require a hotter chamber, even for large parts that are traditionally prone to warping.

How do I upload files?

Through the (local) web interface (link).

What Slicer do you use?

Pantheon Slicer (forked from SuperSlicer/PrusaSlicer)

Can I download the slicer and simulate my parts?

Yes, please see our documentation here.

Do you have profiles for Cura?

No, it's a lot of work to support more than one slicer; if someone wants to make a port of our profiles for Cura, we're more than happy to validate them.


We build machines with two principles in mind: modularity and serviceability.

Modularity ensures that components can be upgraded and added.

Serviceability puts you in the driver's seat. Instead of relying on external technicians, we provide documentation, a stockpile of readily available service components, and a promise to be on call when needed; we're always by your side.

Our team will be there whether you're looking for guidance, troubleshooting assistance, or just a walk-through.

Visit our knowledge base for more information

Key Features:

  • Printed can be hot swapped in 1 minute
  • Rigidly mounted hot end allows for one handed nozzle changed
  • 100M Ethernet + 100M WIFI for easy connectivity
  • CANBUS connected subsystems
  • 7inch IPS touchscreen interface

Minor Features

Pantheon uses a fork of PrusaSlic3r that include tuned profiles for our materials in a range of print settings.

Pantheon Slicer

We use a fork of SuperSlicer/PrusaSlic3r that include tuned profiles for our materials in a range of print settings.

Pantheon slicer Setup guide

The Pantheon HS3 uses a cast aluminum tooling plate with a high force magnetically attached build plate.

Build Tray

cast aluminum tooling plate with a high force magnetically attached build plate. The build tray is kinematically mounted to eliminate warping during heat cycles.

ClearPath Servos motor with closed loop control and silent operation.

ClearPath Servos

2-3X higher power and 6X the speed over a similar-sized stepper motor with closed loop control and silent operation.

Trim Comparison

Starter Kit
$9,999 USD
HS3 3D printer
1 nozzle (installed) + 2 spares
1 build tray + 1 spare
1 refillable filament cartridge
1 spool CF-CoPoly (3kg)
1 bed prep kit
1 nozzle tool
Buy HS3 Starter Kit
100% Uptime Kit
$12,850 USD
Starter kit
1 spare HSD printhead
2 hardened steel nozzles
2 build trays - (1) smooth, (1) textured
1 filament cartridge
3 spools (3kg) of material - (1) CF PETG, (1) CF Nylon, (1) GF Nylon
1 heat set kit
1 post processing set
1 service tool box
Buy HS3 100% Uptime Kit

Why did we make this product?

The team at Pantheon has been using 3D printing for the last decade as a throughout this time, we got frustrated with the machines we could access. Every 3D printer we could buy was either too slow, too expensive, or too hard to service and keep reliable. Out of that frustration, we designed a machine that fit all of our needs. We hope you find HS3 as useful as we do.

Technical Specifications

Download PDF


Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Patent-pending floating frame system

Build Envelope

300mm x 300mm x 300mm

Print Bed

Kinematically-mounted cast aluminum tooling plate
CNC machined finish

Build Tray

Removable magnetic spring steel
PEI Coated (smooth and textured available)

Bed Temp

130°C Max


Billet 6061 T6 aluminum


Stainless Steel & Acrylic


Passive heating to 45°C+

Print Head

Download PDF


Pantheon High-speed deposition (HSE)
Patent pending contact probing system
Incorporates Slice Engineering patent US10875244B2 under license


Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum, 8mm direct-drive hardened steel gears


1040 Steel

Hotend Power


Hotend Temp

500°C Max

Temperature Sensor

PT1000 Platinum RTD + MAX31865

Part Cooling

3W 40mm Axial Fan
CFD-optimized cooling duct


Nozzle contact probing


0.4mm Hardened Steel (More sizes to come)
M6 Thread - 7mm hex



Kinematics and Motion

Download PDF

Rapid Speeds

Max: 1100 mm/s
Continuous: 1000 mm/s

Print Speed

Max: 500 mm/s
Continuous: 300 mm/s


Max: 40,000 mm/s2
Continuous: 10,000 mm/s2

Volumetric Flow Rate
@ 0.4mm nozzle

Max: 45 mm3/s
Continuous: 25mm3/s

Minimum layer height


Nozzle Diameters

0.4mm (more to come)


X-Y: 25 μm
Z: 1.5 μm


Download PDF


ARM Cortex A53, 1.5GHz (upgradeable)




100M Ethernet
100M Wifi
CANBUS (internal)


7in IPS touchscreen

Physical Specifications

Download PDF


600x600x650mm (WidthxDepthxHeight)
23.6x23.6x25.6" (WidthxDepthxHeight)

Height with lid open

40 in


46.7kg (103lbs)

Operating Temperature Range


Power Supply voltage

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Input Power


Safety Features

Download PDF

Active HEPA Filtration

Thermal Runaway Cutoff

Emergency stop button


Download PDF

Material Specifications

Download PDF

Material Composition

Carbon fiber Co-Polyester (PETG)



Filament Diameter


Spool Size


Bed Preparation

Magigoo PA adhesive

ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength X-Y

49 mPa

ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength Z

42 mPa

ASTM-D648 heat deflection