Industrial Performance, Affordable Price

Starting from $7,999 USD

Delivery starting Q3, 2022

Pantheon Design 3d printer and materials.
Pantheon HS3 3D Printer with starter kit.

Industrial Performance, Affordable Price

Starting from $7,999 USD

Delivery starting Q3, 2022

Pantheon Design HS3 3D Printer.

5-10x faster Carbon fiber parts

Not only are the prints fast, but the parts produced are also end-use ready with industry-leading accuracy, finish, and mechanical properties.

Reliable and Maintainable

We've designed every system on the HS3 to be ready for a decade of industrial use. Our entire motion system is built with billed 6061-T6 aluminum running hardened steel guides and ball screws.  In addition, the HS3 is designed around a modular system architecture, almost every part of the HS3 can be easily user serviced or hot swapped.

Prints straight out of the box. No tuning or fiddling on day 1 or 1000

With a billet aluminum gantry, ball screw-driven axes, and closed-loop servos, the HS3 delivers the same industry-leading accuracy on day one as day 1000.

Print Speed Comparison

Air Duct - 480g : up to 833% Speed Improvement

Pantheon: 9hrs
Competitors: 40-75hrs

Pantheon 3D Printer air ducts.

Gauge Brackets - 854g: up to 525% speed improvement

Pantheon: 28hrs
Competitors: 76-137hrs

Pantheon 3D printer brackets.
3d printer motion system.

Motion System

The Pantheon HS3 uses precision 15mm ball screws and linear guides for all axes. Ball screws have great precision and accuracy and do not meaningfully stretch or drift, even under extreme acceleration, repeated loading, or increased temperatures. This ensures part quality and repeatable results while significantly increasing print speeds and reliability.


Pantheon's HSD (High Speed Deposition) smart print head is designed with extensive computational simulation and real-world validation to maximize speed and reliability.

Key Features:

  • High Flow hot-end joint developed with Slice Engineering
  • continuous filament flow sensing
  • nozzle contact probing
  • 100w heaters
  • hot-swappable printhead
Pantheon 3D printer high speed deposition smart printhead.
The Pantheon HS3 uses a cast aluminum tooling plate with a high force magnetically attached build plate.

Build Tray

The Pantheon HS3 uses a cast aluminum tooling plate with a high force magnetically attached build plate. The build tray is kinematically mounted to eliminate warping during heat cycles. Smooth PEI finish is currently available; textured to come


Pantheon's HS3 is designed exclusively for use with Pantheon's material library.

We currently offer a carbon fiber co-polyester blend. It has excellent environmental and mechanical properties, and we recommend it for use in everything from prototyping to end-use parts. We're currently developing more materials ranging from high-impact, high-temperature polyamides to bio-sourced polymers. We do not impose any hardware or firmware locks on materials.

Pantheon currently offers a carbon fiber co-polyester blend that has great environmental and mechanical properties.
The Pantheon Design HS3 isn't just designed for daily use, it's designed for daily misuse.

Ease of use

The Pantheon Design HS3 isn't just designed for daily use; it's designed for daily misuse.

We've created a system that can survive and print through the daily rigors of shop abuse. Everything from bumps to neglect to being slammed into the side of a box truck. We know that things will eventually break because everything does, so we've designed a system that's not only a pleasure to use but a pleasure to service. In addition, we provide all service documentation so that you can keep your machine running without downtime or drama.

Trim Comparison

Basic Kit
$7,999.99 USD
HS3 3D printer
1 nozzle(installed)
1 build tray
1 refillable filament cartridge
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Starter Kit
$8,499.99 USD
HS3 3D printer
1 nozzle(installed) + 2 Spares
1 build tray + 1 spare
1 refillable filament cartridge
1 spool CF-CoPoly (3kg)
1 bed prep kit
1 nozzle tool
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100% Uptime Kit
HS3 3D printer
1 spare printhead
5 nozzles
3 build tray
2 Filament Cartridge
10 spool (3kg) of material
1 bed prep kit
1 part post processing set
1 maintenance tool set
Coming Soon

Why did we make this product?

The team at Pantheon has been working together and using 3D printing as a business for almost ten years. During that time, we developed and certified medical devices and built concept vehicles and mechatronics for the film industry. In just the last three years, we've logged over 150,000 hours of machine time, totaling 1500kgs of material. However, throughout this time, we got frustrated with the machines we could access. Every 3D printer we could buy was either too slow, too expensive, or too hard to service and keep reliable. Out of that frustration, we designed a machine that fit all of our needs. We hope you find HS3 as useful as we do.

Technical Specifications

Download PDF


Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Pantheon High Speed Deposition (HSD)

Build Envelope

300mm x 300mm x 300mm

Volumetric Flow

HSD print head: 25mm^3/s -120mm^3/s
[.4mm nozzle@0.2mm layer - 1.0mm nozzle@0.8mm]

Layer Resolution

.05 - 1.0 mm

Axis Resolution

6.25 μm, 6.25 μm, 3.12 μm [x,y,z]

Max Rapid Speed

1000mm/s +

Max Print Speed

400mm/s +

Max X|Y Acceleration


Build Tray

Removable smooth PEI Spring steel build tray
Removable textured PEI Spring steel build tray (Coming Soon)

Build Plate

Kinematically mounted, machined cast aluminum plate

Bed Tempurature

120c Max

Build Chamber

Passively Heated to 45C +

Safety Features

Emergency stop button
Active HEPA filtration
Thermal runaway cutoff

Print Head

All metal Pantheon HSD print head
Nozzle contact probing for automatic bed leveling


M6 threaded E3D V6 compatible
Supported sizes - 0.4mm | 0.5mm | 0.6mm
0.4 hardened steel nozzle included standard

Nozzle Temperature

500c Max

Hotend - Joint developed with Slice Engineering

100W heater handed, torquable nozzle swaps due to fully supported heat break

Machine Dimensions

600 mm wide | 600 mm deep | 650 mm tall , 23.6" wide | 23.6" deep | 25.6" tall


46.7kg (103lbs)

Power Supply Input

100V - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 750w, IEC C13 plug

Material Specifications

Download PDF

Material Composition

Carbon fiber Co-Polyester (PETG)



Filament Diameter


Spool Size


Bed Preparation

Magigoo PA adhesive

ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength X-Y

49 mPa

ASTM-D638 Tensile Strength Z

42 mPa

ASTM-D648 heat deflection